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For gamers who are looking for a Virtual Pilot 3D Review about the PC game, you will find that there are many great features you will receive when choosing this, over other online simulation games. There are several different features gamers are going to receive including the ability to fly over 200 aircraft, different airports, real time weather simulation, and so much more for their online gaming experience. Regardless of what skill level you are at with online simulation games, reading a few virtual pilot 3d review articles, you will find that this is as real as online simulation gaming can get.

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Choose Your Aircraft -

With over 200 models of jets and airplanes to choose from, players have a wide range of flying options, speeds, and styles. You can choose from various old vintage model airplanes, new test models that are going to be released, and planes that are currently in flight with airport pilots, as well as combat pilots in war. You can also choose from helicopters, jets, air gliders, and airplanes, giving you a full range of options to choose from, and a different method of flying each time you are in the air.

Great Cockpit Control Action -

In selecting your aircraft, when you enter the cockpit, players will immediately notice that it has been designed to mimic the real airplane or helicopter they have chosen, making the gaming as real as it can get. You are going to get a realistic flying experience, and with so many different buttons, and command functions in front of you, making sure you know what to press, and when to press it, are some things that you are going to learn during the course of playing the game. With fuel and oxygen gauges, hydraulics, control features, and several other key buttons, you will be in control.

Instruments -

In order to mimic real life flying, the instruments are as real as they can be as well. You will run in to unexpected system failures, poor weather conditions, and unexpected twists and turns along the way, making the simulation more realistic, and making the gaming far more exciting, since you are always going to be running in to some twists and turns along the way.

Choose Your Airport -

With over 25,000 airports to choose from, you will never have to fly from the same destination when playing the game. You can choose from the most famous runways in the US, and around the world, and with the realistic appearance, you are going to feel as if you are really there, regardless of where you choose to fly from, and land when playing the game. You can choose a destination flying path, or freely roam the skyways, if you choose to play on the launch wizard mode, giving you more experience in navigation.

Real Time Weather Changes -

You can fly out in clear skies, and run in to hail ten minutes in to your flight, with real time weather updates, you are going to get the weather that is constantly changing, and is not predictable, when you are playing the game as well. With the different timezones, and constant weather changes, depending on where you fly to, and leave from, you are going to be getting various different weather challenges.

Worldwide Scenery -

The game also offers a scenery pack, giving more realistic scenery options during play, and several different layouts to choose from during your play. From urban built areas, different lighting layouts, and various different scenes that you will run in to during the flight, there are many different changes you will get during your flight.

Cons -

Although it is a great, and realistic game, it might be a little complex; so, if you are just starting out with simulation games, it is a bit more high tech, and might take some getting used to. You must also learn things on your own, from take offs, to landings. Since the game is for more advanced players, novice players may find it a bit challenging to get a hang of.

Overall -

Regardless of your level of play, or what levels of realism you are looking for, many virtual pilot 3d review articles claim that the game is top notch on all flying fronts.

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    Nice article. Excellent simulation game with 100% real. I would recommend.

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