Virtual Pilot 3D Review


Are you one of the millions of people that dream of becoming a professional pilot? There’s no better time than now to hone your skills for your private or pilot’s license.

virtual pilot 3d coverPracticing is easy and affordable now when you use Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Sim, one of the best airplane simulator games currently available.

Virtual Pilot 3D isn’t just for newcomers and pilot hopefuls, it includes many features that existing pilots use to hone their skills.

Developed by Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, and John Irwin, who made sure the simulator was as realistic as possible while also ensure the game was fun and interesting to play.

Virtual Pilot 3D combines everything you may be looking for in a flight simulator into one easy package.

What does Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Sim Have to Offer?

screenshot1With exciting features and extremely realistic gameplay, Virtual Pilot 3D goes well beyond your basic flight simulator.

With over 25,000 airports to choose from you can practice your take-offs and landings knowing the airport you choose is designed on actual location data.

You won’t just have a large selection of locals, you can choose to fly over 200 different aircraft from small Beechcraft’s to large airline aircraft. Each of these aircraft come with accurately modeled cockpits which will bring you into the game directly and allow you to test pilot each aircraft.

cesnaEven the terrain is modeled after realistic locations. Imagine taking a flight out to The Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, or a site seeing a tour of the Appellations.

In fact, due to its realistic nature, it’s the preferred tool for teaching pilots in training. It gives them the experience and know-how without risk.

It’s realistic nature means that students will gain insights into flying and more confidence in the air. Students prefer to use the software to test fly their prepared flights and to explore different weather and atmosphere conditions, to better prepare for the worst while in the air.

Changes in Climate and Atmosphere

The ability for Virtual Pilot 3D to account for differences in pressure and to simulate various conditions is a large asset to potential pilots who may feel uneasy about flying.

The app uses real-time data to account for weather conditions in the various regions. For example, the program will change the weather during your flight to reflect the current weather in your area.

Taking a flight to the Rocky Mountains? If it’s snowing in the Rocky Mountains when you start your flight it will also be snowing when you arrive. Don’t want to wait for bad weather in your area? Select one of the options to randomize the weather along your route, or choose which types of weather you want to simulate and the game will produce realistic scenarios for you.

From thunderstorms to blizzards, you’ll gain crucial knowledge of flying in hazard conditions safely in your home.

cockpitEven the foliage will change correctly along your route. Allowing you a beautiful scenery all along the way to your destination.

The graphics and terrain are incredibly realistic and full of small details that capture your attention during longer flights.

Be sure to take the chance to fly up the coast, or through the beautiful countryside with a wide array of aircraft.

World Atlas Full of Dynamics

In addition to either dynamics, Virtual Pilot 3D contains numerous world conditions and real-time software that updates your time zone, conditions, and area from within the cockpit.

Since the game is supported by navigation systems like GPS, VOR, and NDB, You’ll be able to navigate the globe while flying without worry of getting lost.

cockpitYou’ll also be able to simulate long flights across the country or to different areas of the world. Virtual Pilot 3D includes many other features including realistic tower support and other necessities.

Virtual Pilot 3D is perfect for the pilot who has always dreamed of taking an around the world flight but lacked the funds or the experience with such a tricky endeavor.

GPS Coordinates will also help you coordinate for your real flight as well. Learn to navigate by GPS and landmarks alone by researching your upcoming flight with Virtual Pilot 3D.

Why Choose Virtual Pilot 3D?

There are dozens of flight simulators on the market right now, however, of all flight simulators, there’s no one program that does everything that Virtual Pilot 3D does.

Since Virtual Pilot 3D’s research comes from government sources like NASA you can be sure that all the information, geographical data, and conditions are as realistic as possible.

faa aprovedVirtual Pilot 3D is also FAA approved for flight training. In fact, the only negative reviews come from beginners who find all the options and planes to be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is an excellent tutorial system that will assist young pilots with overcoming a learning curve.

Existing pilots, however, should find the controls very native and nearly identical to what they would find within the cockpit of their own airplane.

There’s a dozen reasons to get Virtual Pilot 3D and only one to not. If you’re not interested in having a realistic flight simulator with real-time weather and accurate GPS coordinates and terrain then Virtual Pilot 3D isn’t for you.

If these things matter as much to you and they do to me, then you’ll love Virtual Pilot 3D. It’s the best as realistic flying hands-down.

Our Overall opinion

Overall, we love Virtual Pilot 3D for it’s simple to use, easy layout with abundant features and controls. From testing out our flights to challenging ourselves with a new situation and dangerous scenarios. There’s no better program available with more realistic graphics and areas.

Even experienced pilots will love Virtual Pilot 3D for its realistic images, flight response and to try out a few aircraft they haven’t been able to get their hands on.

It’s the perfect gift for any pilot, young or old.

We strongly recommend Virtual Pilot 3D to any budding or experienced pilot who is in need of virtual flying software. Virtual Pilot 3D is available directly from their website, online. You won’t find this software sold in stores or from another reseller.

Go download your copy today!

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Virtual Pilot: The 3D Flight Simulator You’ve Been Waiting For

Vehicle simulation games are always a hit in the gaming world. People love to get behind the controls of their dream ride even if it’s only in the virtual realm.

bannerFor some, this means playing F1 racing apps where they try to beat the clock lap after lap.

Others may prefer dirt bikes, rally cars, or other types of wheeled vehicles.

Many gravitate towards a different kind of thrill: flight simulation.

They will gladly trade the wheels for a pair of wings. If you are one of them, then your 3D flight simulator hunt is over with the incredible Virtual Pilot 3D.

A Comprehensive System

It’s true that there are plenty of 3D flight sim programs out there but none of them offer the same comprehensive system found on Virtual Pilot.

The free ones provide only the basics. They are sorely lacking in features that could actually make them useful tools.

Those made available for a fee are typically better as they are more functional and intuitive. However, the majority still lack elements that would take things to a whole other level of realism — that is, until Virtual Pilot 3D came along.

Everything a Pilot Needs

VirtualPilot 3D has everything that a would-be pilot needs to learn the art of flying an aircraft. It has been tested by licensed professionals who found it absolutely life-like.

All of the missing pieces that have eluded flight sim enthusiasts can be found here in a comprehensive package.

3d virtual pilot

You will never look at another simulator ever again once you’ve tried this software. Forget the slow unrealistic sims that frustrated you in the past. It’s time to return to your passion and get the experience you have always wanted. Here and now.

Get Inside the Cockpit of Your Choice

The software’s database holds an impressive number of aircraft models. There are over 200 small planes, commercial carriers, and helicopters to choose from.

real cockpit

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in the cockpit of an Airbus A380, then this is your chance to find out without paying an exorbitant amount for the privilege.

Switch from model to model depending on your mood. It would be as if you own a massive hangar filled with these marvelous machines. Learn all of their quirks by heart as you fly with them from the comfort of your home.

Fly Above Real World Terrain

The planes aren’t the only things going for this package. You will also fly across a virtual landscape that mimics every detail of the real world thanks to the data supplied by NASA.

Let’s start at the airport where you will take off with your shiny winged ride. Pick your preferred location from the 25,000 sites on record.

Begin your journey from Paris and land at the LAX airport in California for an exciting transcontinental flight. You could also go local and select the routes you normally take when going home or visiting loved ones.

Switch from passenger to pilot for a different view.

Create Your Own World

Virtual Pilot 3D is also equipped with a modeling component. This allows you to create your own virtual world. This is handy for flight training as you can design idealized routes with different levels of difficulty.

Absolute beginners can fly in a wide open space with a flat ground for ease of take-off and landing.

flight routesMore advanced users can design routes with obstacles that mimic those found in the real world.

They can practice in this safe environment before testing their newly developed skills in the main simulator.

This is an invaluable tool that aspiring pilots and even professional ones are sure to appreciate.

Remember the Weather

weather controlIn a perfect world, the winds are always light to moderate and the skies are perennially sunny. Alas, pilots often have to fly in less than ideal conditions.

They need to learn how to cope with the different elements in order to stay calm in the midst of difficulties and keep their passengers safe no matter what.

The Virtual Pilot software is able to obtain weather information about the places along the route of the plane. This becomes part of the simulation — an added challenge, so to speak.

You will experience the rain in London and the snow in Moscow at the same time the locals do.

FAA-approved 3D Flight Simulator

faa-aprovedThanks to all of the features mentioned above, Virtual Pilot 3D is able to assist students of aeronautics in their quest to become masters of the sky.

Even the Federal Aviation Administration which governs all things related to flight in the country agrees with this assessment.

The FAA has approved the use of this program in flight training. This is really no surprise. No other 3D flight sim comes close to the feature set of this package.

For aspiring pilots, there is no better way to begin learning than getting a copy of this program.

A Fun Challenge for Everyone

Of course, you don’t have to be a serious aeronautics student or a hardcore gamer to appreciate this 3D flight simulator.

Virtual Pilot is for everyone who wants to have some fun. The graphics are amazingly realistic, placing you inside the planes of your dreams whenever you want.

There are interactive tutorials that will teach you how to use the menu. Tailor the settings to your liking to make it your own. Increase the challenge as you go along to keep things exciting.

Download Virtual Pilot 3D Today

lifetime free updatesGet this simulator at a low cost when you order today. Avail of the promos for a big discount on the regular price.

Not only will you be able to get the whole package right away, you’ll also be entitled to free lifetime upgrades from the developer.

Any improvements on the software including new airports, new aircrafts, and other nifty additions will be provided to you at no additional cost.

A 60-day money back guarantee allows you to test the program at practically no risk. Grab it and explore the world with wings.

A New Aerial Journey For You

You’ve probably seen advertisements for a heap of flight simulation games. In fact, you may think that you’ve just about played them all. I guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like Virtual Pilot 3D.

The 3D flight simulator game has so many features and accommodations that you’ll never want to go back to any of the former sub-par simulator once you’ve had a taste of something this awesome.

You can start on a true-to-life flight simulation journey that will feel like the real deal.

cockpit view

All you have to do is install the software and start flying. Prominent organizations such as NASA and FAA have approved and played a part in providing this program for you.

Virtual Pilot 3D’s standard features provide many more options than you are used to seeing in the programs that you are used to playing. You will have your hands full with options such as:

Gigantic Airport Database

You can choose your real-life simulation from an environment of more than 25,000 airports. You’ll never get bored because you can always try another airport. Your surroundings will always be fresh.

Smorgasbord of Aircraft

Just as you have your choice of many airports, you will have your choice of hundreds of airplanes. You can sift through the database of more than 200 airplanes. One of the most popular aircraft that you can choose is the Airbus 380.

Accessory Support

The program has the support if you would like to make your journey even more realistic than it already is. You can add something like a foot pedal or yoke if you want to create a lifelike environment.

Free Updates for Life

You’ll be the first to know every time a new aspect of the game develops. The updates will come in as long as you have the program installed.

Integration With Google Maps

google mapsWould you like to know where you’re going? Sure, you would. Google map integration helps you to see and know where you are going every step of the way.

Interactive Tutorials

Would you like to know what you are doing? Sure you would. The precise set of Internet tutorials will help you to learn everything you need to learn. They can take you on a journey before you go on the real simulation. You can practice until you feel comfortable with what you’re doing.

Video Tutorials

flight sim 2015A healthy line of video tutorials is available for you as well as the regular tutorials.

You can use those tutorials to help teach you the basics if you prefer to watch videos.

Aircraft Carrier Landings

Enjoy the experiences of landing your plane at real aircraft carrier landings.

Air-to-Air Refueling

Have some more fun transferring your fuel from one aircraft to the other while you are in flight.

Advanced Features

You will receive so much more than you think. The software comes with a slew of additional advanced features that will keep you busy. You can enhance your simulation experiences by taking advantage of features such as:

Real Airline Routes

You can fly with the best of the best because the software features some of the same routes that popular airlines take.

VOR and NDB Navigational Features

Take advantage of a wide range of accurate and precise features with VOR and NDB navigation.

Autopilot and Instrument Flying

Sometimes you may get a little tired. The autopilot option is the perfect tool for you to take a break in the middle of your simulation and let the software do the work.

Intelligent Aircraft Control

You can have the machine help you to navigate your way through the skies.

Scenery, Landscape and Landmark Designs

You have the power of creation in the palm of your hand on this game. You can make yourself scenery, landscape and landmark designs by using the intricate technology.

Still Wondering if You Want to Fly With 3D Flight Simulator?

Virtual Pilot 3D 2016

You can reap so many benefits by purchasing this software today. The first benefit you will receive is the confidence that you will not have to pay any hidden charges. What you see is what you get. The company does not believe in playing its customers for a fool. You will receive one price quote, and that’s it.

Another benefit that you will receive by purchasing the software today is support on multiple monitors. That means you can conduct your simulation in your bedroom, living room, bathroom or any other place you would like to conduct your simulation.

You can also have the confidence of knowing that you will have ongoing support for your hardware. Any special hardware that you connect to the simulator will have a helpful service person attached to it. All you have to do is reach out and receive the assistance that he or she has for you.

DVD Edition

dvd coverYou can also receive a DVD edition of the game so that you can use it when you travel. You can opt to use it in your office, as well.

The provider wasn’t to ensure that you enjoy yourself and suffer no stress.

Easy Installation

The program is every easy to install. You can have yourself up and running in approximately five minutes from the time you install the software. The software is designed so that you will have an easy time with it.

Keyboard and Mouse Use

Finally, you will be able to use your keyboard or mouse until you buy add-ons that you can use for your simulation program. The program is compatible with the basics or with special accessories.

Ready to Purchase?

You can start an exciting new flight journey by signing up for a discounted membership. The best part about the discounted membership is that you can play with a demo before you make the decision.

You can watch a video and see some crystal clear photos of everything that will be going on once you take the plunge and make that investment. It is guaranteed to be one of the best journeys you have been on in your entire life.

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Enjoy Almost Limitless Flight Simulations

As advancements in aircraft have continued to be incorporated in more and more airplane models, the search for flight simulators that can bring the gamer the total variety of experiences they can encounter in true life has never been more of a challenge.

flight sim gameThe experienced gamer will want to turn on the simulator and be able to be immediately immersed in the experiencing of piloting anything from a jumbo jet to a compact Cessna, from helicopters to gliders.

The Problem

Given the ever-growing number of airplane configurations and capabilities available to the professional pilot and the gamer, the problem has been finding a flight simulator that can not only keep up, but that can provide a realistic experience that is as close to actually being in the cockpit as possible.

Neither the flight instructor nor the student nor an avid gamer will want to be limited and so have to settle for an approximation of a specific aircraft’s flight control systems. Real life does not allow for even minor mistakes. Real simulation should not, either.

The Solution

As passionate flight simulator users from way back, we took it upon ourselves to examine the myriad of equipment available to the enthusiasts. Our goal was to find one that could provide the varieties of visual experience in flight as well as provide a completely realistic scenario for those piloting the program, no matter the destination or weather conditions the operator selects.

Gaming technology used for interactive military trainingWhat we found as a result of our exhaustive search was that there truly is only one product currently on the market that attempts to meet our stiff criteria. So we present you with our Virtual Pilot 3d review, in which we discuss the pros and cons we found as well as the general overall conclusion as to whether it lives up to expectations and whether it could be the simulator of your dreams or a living nightmare.

The Pros and Cons

Any Virtual Pilot 3d review must start by mentioning the incredibly vast selection of aircraft that can be used in the sim experience it provides. Just a partial current list includes more than 200 different aircraft, including such varieties as the Boeing 747, the Sopwith Camel 1F.1, the Messerschmitt BF 109 G14 and the Me 262, the Piper J3 Cub 1946 model, the Cessna Citation X, and so many more.

There also are helicopters, including the Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey and the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, as well as gliders such as the Colditz Escape Glider and the Schweizer 2-33.

Consider the other pros:

With a total of more than 200 types of aircraft available to the operator, the Virtual Pilot 3d still is not complete. New models can be added as they become available at no cost with free lifetime updates.

The operator need never be bored as they can be ensconced in cockpits and controls that have been modeled from actual airplane designs. This includes craft that pre-date World War II all the way to the Space Shuttle and beyond.

The controls are programmed to behave as they would in the actual aircraft being simulated, with precise time delays when an input is implemented. Malfunctions and system failures will occur randomly.

A tutorial for all types of aircraft operation is provided with the Virtual Pilot 3d system.

Paro AirportImagine any trip you want. We tested the Virtual Pilot 3d system as well as our own simulator skills by choosing to fly from our home airport to some of the airports offering the world’s most difficult landings, including Saba Airport, which is only 400 meters long and ends in the Caribbean, and the Paro Airport in the Himalayas.

That last one was cheating, though, since currently only eight pilots have achieved the qualification required to land there. :)

Combine the airport experience with weather conditions of your choice for a truly hair-raising flight simulation. All the aircraft in the sim will react as would their real-life counterparts. It may be hard to remember that it is only a simulation.

Virtual Pilot 3d will permit its installation into the computers of multiple users. It includes a feature that is embedded that will allow for several players.

As with any gaming system, some users will not have a perfect experience. However, the downsides to using the Virtual Pilot 3d simulator are few and primarily concern the difficulty some users may have in ascending its steep learning curve.

Beginners may need to study the tutorials before they will be able to grasp the full intricacies this game offers. Those hungry to buy Virtual Pilot 3d also may consider it a con that the system only is available on the Web site of the vendor. There are no third party sales locations, which also means there also are no imitators.

virtual pilot 3d coverIn conclusion, the Virtual Pilot 3d simulator system is in a class by itself. For the gamer who truly wants to experience the thrill of being in a cockpit, there is nothing more stimulating and realistic available.

We can make this assurance because the Virtual Pilot 3d is the same system used by many commercial airlines to help train and keep their pilots in tune and up to date with the latest aircraft advancements.

This makes it the perfect choice for the novice who may be considering becoming a pilot. They can get a virtual test-run to see if it suits them before sinking money into signing up for flying lessons.

With the free updates, an investment in the Virtual Pilot 3d will always present us with the latest that is available in the real world. This includes not only the latest in technology, but also any changes in terrain as well as any new airport expansions, limitations, or restrictions.

For unsurpassed realism, with all the challenges that professional pilots can face on a day-to-day or night-by-night basis, we can highly recommend the Virtual Pilot 3d. It is number one in developing piloting skills and will always take your simulation gaming to its peak level.

In addition, you can learn to navigate your way around this wondrous globe of ours without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

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How To Become A Commercial Pilot

There are many careers that are exciting, interesting, and financially rewarding. If you want a career that is truly special, you may be interested in learning how to become a commercial pilot. It is much more than a way to earn a living. It is a job you will love.

commercial pilots

However, it is not a fast, simple process. It is a highly competitive field, and the job consists of many responsibilities. If you are willing to put time and hard work into training, you can reach your goal and succeed.

Steps You Must Take To Become A Pilot:

1. Determination is a key to success.

A competitive field that requires extensive training is not for an individual who gives up easily or makes excuses. You need to be determined, patient, and mature. When you have these characteristics, you have what it takes to complete your training and excel in your new career.

2. You need to be financially responsible.

First, a solid financial record is important when you are ready to apply for a job as a pilot. If you do not already have the habit of paying your bills on time, develop this habit immediately. Use credit wisely, and avoid debt.

Second, you will need money when you are training. Even if you receive financial assistance, it may not cover all of your training, and you will have other expenses while you are training. Develop a savings plan with your current income, and learn to live within your budget.

3. You must meet health requirements.

You need excellent physical health, mental health, and vision to work as a commercial pilot. If you are unsure of whether you meet these requirements, you can start by having a complete physical examination, mental health evaluation, and vision exam.

4. Earn a college degree.

It is extremely rare for a company to hire someone as a commercial pilot if he does not have a college education. If you want the best chance at a good job, sign up for a degree program.

It should be a two-year degree or higher. Make sure it is accredited before you sign up for courses. When you are working toward your goal, it is not the time to take shortcuts.

5. Begin your pilot training.

pilot trainingYou have options for pilot training. If you are currently in the military, or are planning to enlist, your training can be covered. However, you can also take pilot training if you are not a member of the military. You have options for training as a civilian.

One option to train as a civilian is to attend flight school. You are required to have 190 hours or more of logged time before you are eligible for your license.

You will also have the opportunity to obtain your Instrument Rating training. As the FAA certifies legitimate flight schools, make sure the school has this acknowledgment.

A second option is to hire an FAA-certified personal instructor. This option is generally more expensive than attending flight school. When you hire an instructor you will have individualized instruction, and it can be easier to fit your sessions into your everyday schedule. If you choose this option, you will need more hours of logged time. Approximately 250 hours are required.

6. You are ready for your exam and certificate.

After you have finished your pilot training and have had flight time that meets or exceeds the required number of hours, you are ready to take your exam.

The exam is a written examination. When you pass the exam, you will earn your certificate.

7. Earn your Airline Transport Pilot license.

If you want opportunities for the best and highest paying jobs, you need an ATP license. More flying hours are required for this license.

You need a minimum of 1500 hours for eligibility, and you must be at least 23 years of age. While this means more time and work, the wider range of opportunities that will be open to you make it worth the effort.

FAA Requirements For A Commercial Pilot License

As flying a commercial airline is a huge responsibility, there are a number of requirements you must meet before you obtain your license.

  • You need to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You need at least a second-class medical certificate.
  • You must have 20/20 corrected vision, shown by passing a vision test.
  • You must complete a multiple-engine rating program, and pass a multi-engine check.
  • You must complete the required number of hours of logged flight time.
  • Your instructor must provide endorsement to prove that you have completed the required ground training.
  • When you take the FAA written examination, your test score must be above 70%.

faa pilot licenseAfter you meet all of these requirements, you will receive your license as a Commercial Pilot. You will then be eligible to apply for a job as a commercial airline pilot.

How To Succeed In Your New Career

The steps toward becoming a commercial pilot are time-consuming, stressful, and require plenty of hard work. You must be willing to listen to your instructor, learn, cooperate, and practice what you have learned. If you have a question or experience a problem, your instructor is ready to help.

Before you sign up for pilot lessons, make sure this is the career you want. You can succeed if you are able to withstand stress and pressure, and continue working toward your goal.

A career as a pilot is one of the most exciting careers you can find. If you are dedicated, and take the job seriously, you can expect excellent pay. Determination is a key to reaching your goal, and hard work will help you achieve it.

Knowing how to become a commercial pilot is only the first step. It is the time to think about your dreams, and decide if you have what it takes to turn this dream into reality.

If you have decided becoming a commercial pilot is what you want to do with your life, prepare for a rewarding career.