Virtual Pilot 3D – Game Offers Real Life Flying Experience

Virtual Pilot 3D is a flight simulator game created by Mark Duran, John Irwin and Ozil Aguirre over a period five years, putting in a tremendous amount of research and development activity with NASA and FAA. According to many Virtual Pilot 3D Reviews, the simulator provides an extremely realistic flight experience. The game consists of 200 airplanes and helicopters, more than 25,000 airports and a world scenery pack that provides you a feel of many sought after destinations of the world. If you have been thinking as to how it would feel to sit in the flight captain’s seat and fly an airplane, you can trust on Virtual Pilot 3D to give you the experience of a lifetime.

The Key Features of Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator Game Are as Follows:

  • You can fly more than 200 different aircrafts. Real pilots get to fly only a few models of airplanes or helicopters.
  • With Virtual Pilot 3D you can fly any known model of aircraft, starting with vintage models to the latest Airbus A380, fighter jets, gliders and helicopters.
  • You will be provided with controls as they are available in real cockpits.
  • When you enter the cockpit after selecting an aircraft, you will realize that the cockpit is modeled in the same fashion as it is in the real world.
  • The interactive guide will quickly familiarize you with controls such as oil, fuel, oxygen, wheel chocks, etc.
  • The instrument controls mimic those in real life flying.
  • You will experience system failures, emergency situations or control lags when flying in difficult weather conditions.
  • You will develop your skills, learn to adapt and handle different scenarios and become a good pilot because of the realistic settings included in the game.
  • As many as 25,000 airports in the real world has been reproduced in Virtual Pilot 3D. You can take-off from and land in any of the runways in the major cities of the world.
  • You only need to choose your takeoff and destination cities and your flight path from the launch wizard. You can roam the skies and fly as you wish.
  • As Virtual Pilot 3D comes with a built-in real world synchronization technology, it maps the solar system and set weather and time changes in a dynamic manner to provide you with the real life flying experience across time zones.
  • You have the option to choose the weather condition that you want or you can allow the game to decide as it would be in real time.
  • It is the ultra realistic scenery pack that comes with the game that makes it a real life flying experience.

The realistic aerial views of the earth, including urban area, ground lights, runway lights and major landmarks such as Golden Gate Bridge, Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, etc., are made available in the game.Other features include full ATC & navigation,full hardware support, multi-Use license and interactive multiplayer network that enables you to fly along with other gamers.

Virtual Pilot 3D offers you two options to get started in the game. You can download the game to your PC through the internet or you can request for the four DVDs if your internet connection is slow. It takes quite some time to download the game, aircraft and world scenery packs, bonus software, manuals and guides, etc. It is, therefore, better that you go for the DVD option and install them so that you are ready to explore the world.

Many Virtual Pilot 3D reviews given by actual users indicate that flying an aircraft using the simulator is an extremely pleasurable experience because of the graphics and the outstanding realism factor. Though the top menu or Virtual Pilot 3D is slightly different compared to other flight simulator games, it is still extremely user friendly. The game is compatible with most of the joystick controllers. However, the creators of the game recommend that you use the flight control system of Saitek for a great experience. It is also possible to play the game using the keyboard of the PC.

In order to enjoy playing this game, the minimum system hardware requirements required are: A dual-core CPU with 2 GHz speedRAM – 512 MBDisplay 1024 x 768 pixels with at least 16 bit colorGraphics card that is DirectX compatible with 128 MB RAM
Virtual Pilot 3D is designed to work both on Windows as well as Mac OSX-based computers.

Summarizing, the creators are not just offering you just Virtual Pilot 3D game. They are offering great customer support service as well. All flying enthusiasts will surely love Virtual Pilot 3D. There is nothing to lose by buying this game because it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


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